If you have not already heard about press release marketing, you are one of the many; although this way of marketing is really effective, it is not so popular. Many marketers or people do not use this form of marketing because they do not understand who it works and do not want to deal with the stress of writing and submitting articles. Writing ordinary articles are no different that writing press release articles; this is what some marketers do not get. While press release articles are written using a different format than a normal article, it is not a all complex. Do not worry about having to write a really different kind of article for a press release; if you know how to write any kind of article, than you are set to write a press release article.

Small Business misses out on this vital marketing strategy; you will notice that with press release, you will be able to drive more traffic to your websites and the like.

If you have a well written PR on a subject that interests a lot of people, then this can be a good source of traffic. Good press release articles can really give your website a big boost and put you on top of the search engines. Sometimes TV stations, magazines or radio's will pick up your press releases if they are really good! Your marketing campaign can really gain a lot of popularity if your press release articles are picked up by the media.

Information written down on these press release articles should be based on real facts. Coverage is really important to a business or a website and your press releases should mention why your site or your business was mentioned and why it is worth the media. Media agencies will pick up your press releases if you have been true and honest in them.

In order to make a good press release you should be aware of what is very popular in media at present and then tie your press release about your business or product to it. This can be difficult and it needs a lot of thinking but it surely can be done. 

Sometimes news agencies are looking for other angles on current news items and if you add variety to the news you can sometimes get some big new coverage that you would otherwise have missed out on.

When you want to submit a press release you can choose between paid or free submissions. This will depend on your budget. Remember though, that if you want to submit a press release for each of your site, you will have to pay a few hundred dollars so you really have to have a big budget for press releases.


Press release online marketing is a very effective form of generating traffic in your site.